Weirdly Wonderful Woman (Ever-Flowing River)

Weirdly wonderful woman

Entice me with your interests,

Watch me from your seat,

And stare, just stare;

Intrigue me from those depths,

Dive deep in the seas of my heart.


In your crown of curls;

Ribbons tied tight,

Perfect in your imperfection.

Wickedly weaving your words,

And speech that, spellbound, shows

Your little lack of list’nin’;

My miraculous memories


In your golden hands-

But how?

Unless you see the future,

If all you have is time Himself,

If all you love is moving.

Step across the destiny line,

Enjoy my company, please!

If I know what you choose not,

Then time together tests Time indeed;

You’re a volcano on the verge,

You’re an ever-flowing river-

Haven’t you heard?

You really are quite wonderful

With me.

The End

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