And It Reminds Me of You

The first glimpse of a rainbow,

Grass after a monsoon,

A toddler’s fruity giggle,

Softly-shaped and bumpy-nosed;

Blue skies remind me dearly,

And coffee on a first date,

A Northern twinge in an accent,

Folding a pocket handkerchief.

Pianists make me think of you,

Every time I step into chapel;

My failure as a dancer,

Reminds me of your grace;

Researching colour-blindness will not do,

When you're so close to ask,

At least one is not alone,

When shocking clashes last!

Separate, glasses, intelligence intense,

Whenever I am at my best

I think of you again,

Whenever I need help I'll go

To you, the shining turquoise of our eyes;

'Banter', 'bling' and all your jokes,

Sometimes even the whispering world

Rings a bell against my memory;

The Catholic sunshine makes me laugh,

And what more can I do?

I worship it, happily laughing,

For it reminds me of you.

The End

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