Sin: touch it and you vanish,

Believe me, I’ve seen the pain of lust:

Damage, scars not worth one feeling,

Even if you feel you must

Be touched before you die,

Or let another someone else hold you

Before exterior ‘beauty’ fades away,

Before you give in to that truth;

Sin snatches bravery;

Whispered words in the night do not compare

When you are swamped with the images

Of what you’ll do if you dare.

See him and your heart falls,

But do you love for the right reason?

For nothing is worse

Than that sin’s terrible treason

Of the mind, your own that

Starts to cry out in agony,

At what it cannot have yet,

And what it shall never get for free.

Madness in the night is not real,

The imagination is led by the Devil,

Dance with him, dance!

What you see, by your rights, is peril...

The End

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