Why Does My Soul Cry For You?

Why does my soul cry for you?

Darling, darling god,

A brazened heart, brash in-fem manner;

Divide our unity with your steps,

I mask my tenderness within

That ever-rough balm of lies,

But it doesn’t cover up the feelings,

An ever-growing ache I swell.

Duty separates what I know, or trust:

Trace the same path once again,

Or take the mantle off,

Throw all I’ve sown into the dust.

Harm, lizard-like, sinful-

Spiked in tongue,

Will swarm up if I’m unclouded;

The Devil hands a rope up to me,

Hangs you, my lover, under treason.

Embrace my silence; I’ll try not

To undress you with my eyes

(Your feeling-stars, peaks I must meet);

Yet embracing and undressing sin

Are my eager, unknown talents.

The burns from ardour fire up,

More than externally showing on me;

And as I hold you both at wingspan,

Tears of crystal are not enough,

Words of wisdom wise will not fix me.

Just hold out a hand,

Hold out a heart for me to follow,

Try to breathe deeply as we step

Back into the abyss of ignorance;

To disregard our feelings is a godsend.

The End

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