Ballad of An Elf

The wind whispers a tale,

Seldom heard in the town,

Of a girl who was different,

How she glided around.


Her beauty, ne’er rivalled,

Her wit marked her fair;

Ice were her eyes,

As gold strings tied her hair.


 She held a dear secret,

Of the bane of her kind;

She let it swell up,

A tumour over her mind.


Fear controlled all her thoughts,

And made her its puppet-

For she would not do to

Change her life; she had nothing.


There had once been a time

When she lived not alone,

Sisters and brothers,

Mother, father and home.


Then they came with their spears,

Warriors clad in bear

Spoke in words made of foreign,

Did not heed the elves’ airs.


So her home was in ru’ns,

Houses, trees, all were burnt;

That girl she could find there,

No other lesson to be learnt.


She left her old forest,

Hearing tales of a place,

She dressed in rose-petal pink,

Vanished into blank space...


And The Sistren, it called her,

As she walked through our town;

Black-Wing made her commander,

But she still makes them frown.


So take heed when you hear a cry,

Melody from the south;

Aliryia sings her waiting song,

Pass this tale on, word of mouth.

The End

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