Follow The Actions of The Artist

Follow the actions of the artist:

Van Gogh did ‘do himself in’;

He knew life was not worth it,

He could see that more clearly than I!

And in suicide, he made something of himself;

He thought nothing of it,

But to rid life of a lower one, a burden, a ‘fail’,

For his art was not what was expected;

He art was rejected, not wanted!

And have you ever felt the bleeding

Of a heart held at arms’ length?

There is sense in the madness,

Madness where sense was once felt;

For if success is a harsher mistress,

Then, oh! how life is not fit to prevail!

So, should it be done?

Even if I am like him,

In many ways more than one,

Would that really be wise:

To follow the art of the artist?

The End

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