A Fathers Fate (Part 2)Mature

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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A Fathers Fate (Part 2)

©1995 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 3, pg 41)


A Fathers fate has fallen on a day called ‘Judgement Day’

And his ass is cooked, by those that swear by the book,

A book that I think's better called ‘Make HIM Pay’


‘Cause; “That’s not enough!!” is what he said

I havta get out the dough ‘n give her more bread

Piss on you, in my view’s what he meant

It didn’t matter about what I might need

Just give it to her, and satisfy her greed

So they took more cash from my pockets, and put it in hers

And I can kiss his ass if I think that’s all she deserves


So now they tell me, ‘Keep earning those pay checks’

And keep feeding her two-sided face

‘Cause I was married to her once, but now I’m not

So my life will always take third place

But none of you consider the food

That you’ll take away from Jess and me

You’re too %&%@ing blind by your bias;

You’re heads are so far up your asses, that you just can’t see


You tell me I have joint custody

You show it in writing, and tell me verbally

So why do you force me to pay the same

As a man who doesn’t want his family

It’s enough to make the tamest man wild

How can you be so callous with a father’s life with his child

If she didn’t keep her vows close to her chest

Why take away what’s left of my life

And use it to line her nest


Now it’s obvious they won’t go away

Without taking what’s left of my dignity

They don’t care that all I want

Is to salvage what’s left of my family

But to think of all the things I did for her too

How I carried her burdens and helped her through

And after all these years, this is the best anyone could do

Well, thanks a lot for the thought people

But piss on you!

The End

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