A Fatherless GirlMature

It's funny how

The number of kids without fathers is rising on the daily

And if you go on Tumblr the number of kids who self-harm is below all of them rarely

And if you think that a little girl doesn't need her father you are sadly mistaken

The same goes for a little boy though

 I was that little girl

That 5 year old wishing on a shooting star 

Only that her father might love her

And I might add that In my head I needed him now

 I'd see him once a year and he would feed me bullshit

"I didn't leave you, no!"

I would smile and believe him

Going home crying thinking my mother was a shrew

A nagging little woman

 And I was through

A few years passed and my father was far

Far away, far from the phone, far from being done with work

What I didn't realize was how far he was from caring about me

My mom was looking out for her daughter

But that, that I didn't see

You see that guy I saw once every few years 

That's the man I wanted my father to be

I wanted him to care To care about me

I'm 16 now

It's funny how

The years go by

 When u realize how

 Someone isn't who you thought they were

I was so mad at myself for the longest

And I didn't know why

I was pissed at the world

Until one day I saw my dad

And realized that he missed my whole life

And that didn't make him the least bit sad

I was upset, I was hurt, and I was mad

Mad that I cared so much for a man who thought so little of me

My life goal is to now be woman of any mans dreams

But I won't settle for less

Because if you want my heart

You'll have to be the best

It's funny how 

Love can destroy you

But I refuse to be the girl who says

"Oh, you have daddy issues? Me too!"

The End

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