A facebook update 2

And so, at last, it came: the End, the Universe's tremendous final act
A quick, whistling sound which at once broke your ear drums
Turned eyes outside in, towards the soul
Like pulling a plug

The iron beams of reality and the universe break like matchsticks
Releasing immense powers
The darkest thoughts we have never let ourselves indulge in, we indulge in now
They take over, swallow, destroy

All around is death and extinction; and the cold roar of Destiny
In the eye of the storm we answer for our sins, we turn to dust in Eternity

It is over in the matter of a second, everything is over in but a second
Just like that
But the seconds turn to hours, turn to years, turns to all time
Many scratched their own eyes out
The Truth, the Darkness, the Answer

Everything that ever was, and the hope of what would be
Deleted, erased, eliminated
Just like that


It's like we had never existed
It's like we never existed
Like we never existed
There is nothing left
There can no longer be anything
There is nothing anymore

The End

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