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At 4 am memory flakes like an old, yellowing wallpaper
The new day makes its claim and you grow older and more forgetful
The sleeping child wanders into the next dream, you stay away
Do you give yourself time for reflection? Do you give yourself time to ground yourself in time?
To arrive home, finally, after a journey of thousands of miles, after a neverending journey
Wander into the next dream, give yourself time, a moment for reflection
And look to the sky

When you are going to die you might find some clarity
Maybe you start to see
Maybe you get more receptive to the Truth
Maybe it's even possible that you discover a new part of yourself, a side which you never even knew you had all along
And all this, all this just when you are about done living, on the edge of time
It is brutal, animalistic, heathen - it is being human
It is about the soul being extinguished

Does it matter? Do YOU matter? It is everyones part, a common law
The casting is not FAIR, but FAIRNESS is something that we have made up

That's what Darwin was talking about

The End

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