A Dying Man's Prayer

Slowly, I am degrading

Falling apart

And breaking inside.


What I did

I can no longer do

"Be strong and live free"

That is now impossible for me.


My life now, is coming to its end

Slowly knocking

At the gateway of death.


The path

That is fiery and rocky

Brings me pain

Evertime I step.


I am weak

Unable to do most things

So my Lord

This, I ask of you:


Guide me

As I walk through the path

The path towards death

The path towards You.


You may not carry me

From the painful path I walk on

And take me away

From the path towards death.


But my Lord, I do not mind

For all I ask of you now

Is that You

May be with me

And walk with me.


Be with me

So that when I fall

I can hold onto you

For me to get up.


Walk with me

So that before I reach the end

The emptiness

Here in my heart

Could be filled by You.


Help me to accept

That I shall soon depart

Remove the pain

Sadness and regret

So that I could prepare my heart

For my entry in Your Kingdom.


Heed this prayer

For my Lord

You are the only One

That could lead me

To the path towards not death

But towards You.



The End

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