A Drunk-feel to Life

A bottle is but a friend
A solution to start the end
Shot glass, may be small
Drink it by the second you go down with it all

People crossing, they feel so heavy
While we drink we float around, we're never steady
Earthquake is what we expect
And all we get are rocking specks

You drink at night you feel so bright
People think you're out of sight
Love is but a tiny drop
Get the bottle and make it pop

As we start to shout out poems that we seek
Our freedom reaches the highest peak
We run around in shapes that were never discovered
Our souls reunite as the world starts to curse further 

Mistake, as they define it
That word, I never feel it
Today as I see them
They are but never shining gems

We reach the hour of morning
People start there rolling
Of they're tepid lines
As I climb up to the vines

I need it in my eyes and I need for the sky
A drunkeness-feel of life supports me 'til I die
I may be a fool as you say it
But I am smart to know it

You may hate me after this and I know you will
But I shall never die without a single drop of thrill
I love you, that is true
Respect how I live my life too 

The End

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