A Dreary Day

Wake up at ten, it's a dreary day.

Brush my teeth and my hair then go hide away.

The raindrops slide down the window as the thunder booms and lightning strikes.

The storm lasts only a few minutes, and soon after I go on with my life.

Sit around in my pajamas, text a few of my friends,

"Is this rainy day ever going to end?"

Watch reality TV, realize I've seen this episode before.

Lay down on the couch and begin to snore.

Two hours later, awaken with hunger.

Make a sandwich and take it in the covers I go under.

So, so tired, but can't fall asleep.

Yuck, when was the expiration date for this lunchmeat?

Couldn't care less, you've already aten it.

Check your Facebook page and update your status.

Twitter's a bore, you don't care what some celebrity's up to.

Check your phone, no new messages to reply to.

Stuff your face in a pillow, and decide you hate May.

Fall asleep at ten, on this dreary day.




The End

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