Our Destiny Revealed

Upon a cold coarse stone I rest,
I lift my head up to see a room of rock,
On a pedestal I did lay,
And so did my three companions in dismay.

Large black symbols adorn the walls,
Ancient scribed writings from ones before,
Then a shudder of shock grips us all,
Dancing visions in front of us play.

A tower, a warrior and a wizard I see,
The pictures merge to form one of philosophy,
A man of strength and knowledge,
In his hand, a blueprint to destiny.

I turn and look to a man I was with before,
In his eyes he sees a warrior,
His gait and stature I've finally noticed,
An honourable knight was his personality.

It became clear to me,
Of what the others did see,
They were manifestations of our soul,
The pursuit of what we can be.

We walk from this place to the door,
Enlightened of our future,
Of who we are to perform,
And now to see, what our final destination will be.

The End

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