A Dream

the call of a majestic crane

it neither takes me out of nor caries me into a dream

I will chance to consider that I exist in a dream

in this dream like state

the calming breeze blows my hair in a feathery display

the low charging wind

caries the waves of a pond on its shoulders

I exist there

on the shore of this dream

this is a wonderful place this dream

filled to the brim with life

 I can feel the grass stretch and grow

beneath me where I lay

 small fish cast sun beams

making the water sparkle and glisten  

like shining stars in a midnight sky

birds and bugs through temselves into the breeze

taking flight to some unkown land

the meadow flowers bend and sway


graceful ballerinas

 the ground their stage

the willow trees open to show me beauty

a mother deer lay with her fawn

yes this place must be a dream

its depths peaceful and serene

I had hoped that this place was something of my own creation

but I come to see this place is not of my own mind

I did not create this dream

I am a living thing

a thing of beauty

of strength


and society

just as the fish and the morning sun

the birds and bugs

the flowers and the breeze

mother and fawn

I exist in a dream

a dream that belongs to another

do not awake my retired friend


a dream

The End

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