A Dove in the Snow

This poem is a story about all those people, those individuals, who go unnoticed in this hectic world...

I’m lost in a land of commotion,

A land I’ll never know.

I am lost amongst its arms,

Like a dove in the snow.


I am forgotten like a weed,

Next to a roaring flower.

With a lion in the cave,

But in the corner I cower.


I am a hidden painting,

In the jungle of long words.

I shout loud at the people,

But my voice goes unheard.


Many things go unnoticed,

Hidden beneath life’s cloak.

Thoughts bellow from the chimneys

Are lost in writhing smoke.


But, no one can take your burden

That is down to you.

Join your voice with another,

Then there shouting too.


Shouting out in powerful pairs,

Your voice ringing loud.

No not quiver when you clash,

Tell your message strong and proud.


Sometimes it’s a raging fire,

Others a lowly spark.

Sometimes it’s piercing light

Breaking through the dark.


Yet we all remain quiet,

Despite all our morals deep inside.

Like a bobbing bird on the sea,

Washed away with the tide.


We remain still, down by the ground

Unable to be strong and stand.

I’m here through the struggle

Reach out, hold my hand.


All folks go unnoticed,

Lost amidst the ebb and flow.

Just another face and voice,

Like a dove in the snow...

The End

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