A "D.O.S.E" of Love

It's just Drugs.
Although they won't cause you too much harm,
It's just Oxytocin...Endorphins...Serotonin...
A thorny Rose...with a Dopamine charm.

Dopamine in your kiss,
In your peck, your snog, your full on frenchy with tongue.
That made my heart beat four thousand times faster,
To your touch, your rhythm, your taste, like song.
I love love, but hate lamenting after.

Oytocin in your warmth,
Your hug, your hold, your touch,
Although it was just a lie.
I regret to say, i miss it much.

Serotonin in your smile,
As i associate you with happiness.
You had the power to change my mood instantly,
You still do...but instead to crappyness.

Endorphins in love,
When everything is just thrown together.
A gram of this, a gram of that, dissatisfying half measures,
You'll always feel cheated, because it will never last forever.

...And that my friends is love!

Of course, this is just my reductionist state of mind,
My tenency to bring things to their basic form.
But the pessimist is never disapointed, i find,
And rarely ever scorned.  

The End

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