I live in a town,

down in North Idaho.

It's a teeny tiny town

to which nobody goes.

Its the easiest place to place your nose in a book-

to hide your face.

Hide your face, from the looks that kill. 

From the looks that say 'you're going to hell.'

 I am already there.                                                                                         I probably will. 

At least, what people consider it to be.                                                  At least, when I die.

But it seemed like I was so far away.                     But it seemed like I was already there.

I wanted into her innocent mind.                                  I wanted her gone, out of my head.

But now that I've left-- I miss her.                                   But now that she is-- I miss her.

She was my friend.

Through thick and through thin.

Most of which was her resistance.                                        Most of it was her instigation. 

That bore.                                                                                                               That b****.

I miss her. 

I do.

I left.                                                                                                                  I forced her out.

I'm bored now.                                                                                                         I'm normal. 

I'm lonely.                                                                                                                   I'm happy.

It wasn't worth her resistance.                                               It wasn't worth losing myself. 

Squeezing in.

Taking control.

It was never worth it. 

I'll find someone else,                                                                         She'll find someone else,

I'll take over their mind.                                                              She'll take over their mind.

Just like that,                                                                                                        Just like that,

I'll disappear,                                                                                                           I'll be gone.  

Yet never far from her mind.                                    A new home in someone else's mind.

Maybe if I hadn't been so scared--

To stay.                                                                                                                          To play.

To fight for what's mine.                                                                  To give up what is mine.

We'd still be together,

as US,

to this day. 

The End

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