A Diamond Heart

My heart shines for joy. For laughter is the best medicine. My heart shines for peace. Where tranquility finds it’s way into my inner beauty. My heart shines so bright, it overcomes the darkness. My heart shines for love. Love covers all multitudes of wrong. Where people sees the light shining on them, they will love again.

My heart shines for grace. Grace to love and laugh again. Being filled with joy and being filled with laughter again. My heart shines through me. This is who I am. The colors of the rainbow pouring out from within me. My heart is real, and it is precious. I’m protecting it, because I value me. Love, joy, peace, and grace lives within me. I shine brighter everyday, to show others what they are missing. The best part of me. God gave me this heart, because he valued me, and he wanted me to be and feel valued too! I guess that is why he gave me a diamond heart.

The End

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