Your dinner will be arriving soonMature

Our thoughts are our billboards

But those thoughts can still get you in irons

You soon feel the biting steel

The pentagon is highlighting every word

Amnesty delivered on a twitter feed or not…


But you still have to apologize

Your country wants to see redemption

Step on the podium and lower to your knees!

The waitress in Applebee’s prayed for you

And while her eyes were closed she was fed by the imagination of CNN

And the spurred by her own


She wants to give you a piece of herself

In exchange for hope

A reprieve of the plateau of coffee and tea service

And the smell of hot wings


Only a fool ties her life to another

But she wants  to believe her own vision is strong enough to change the world

She wants it so bad she pushes past the press

And shouts out, “Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior?”


The crowd drowns out her plea with laughter

And the police carry her away.

You smile as the pressure leaves your shoulders

Blinking cell phones follow her out into the streets

You mutter out an apology and mutter the dangers of being impulsive.

The crowd laughs as if they enjoy the irony.


You don’t care either way.

You just want to see your family and enjoy a well done steak.

The service at Applebee’s is slow tonight.

They apologize they are down a waitress tonight.

But your dinner will be arriving soon.

The End

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