InfinityMature says, “ Are you looking for someone?”
POF brusquely swoops down and smiles with too much teeth,

“Or lots of someone’s?”

Ashley Madison purrs, “Life is too short have an affair…”

Cragslist shakes his head, “There’s a cheaper way to go behind, or infront,…”

ChristianMingle taps her toe and purses her lip.

She sighs, “ That’s not the way…”

She is interrupted as Facebook and Instagram burst in shouting, “ Look at me! Look at me!”

When everyone turns their way they sit cross-legged over a cootie catcher.

Facebook opens a flap, laughs and points at Instragram, “You are gay!”


A porn site weaves around the crowd.

Ashley Madison raises and eyebrow.

She slowly and deliberately moves closer to the porn site.

Ashley Madison huskily says, “ I think we can help each other out…”

The porn site looks her over and shrugs, “I’ve had help for years from younger and hotter sites but I’m down for whatever."


Facebook cringes and lifts up his parental controls.

Instagram inches closer.

Facebook pulls Instragram back and says, “C’mon let’s go and bug Twitter!”

Facebook and Instagram run off giggling the whole way.

The other sites are left to their own devices. and POF stomp off to an Iphone.

They both push their way in, and try to edge the other one out.

No one remembers who got in first, so they find a new issue to stew over for a while.

Craglist goes to haggle an Android.


No one turns off their computers.

No one turns off their phones

So the sites bob and weave through each other infinitely

And they never tire because of the red bull.

The End

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