F@(K the internet ( a found poem)Mature

An anthology about our life.

Fuck the internet




K. I am deciding right now,

Peacing out on the facebook business.

I’m going to phase it out over the next month or so.

Yeah . Seriously, I will mail you shit. Fuck this shit.

As inconvenient as it may be, I have not signed up to be figuratively raped.

 I'm done.

 Fuck it all.

This is seriously getting way too fucking creepy, the whole world, not just facebook.

But especially facebook.

Facebook Anonymous... the ten steps to online sobriety

1-      Fuck off,

2-      Tell your friends to fuck off

3-      God tells you to fuck off and you finally listen

4-       You actually fuck off,

5-       Your friends actually fuck off

6-      You post "Like" to fucking off

7-      Your friends post " like" to fucking off

8-      You develop a soul overnight

9-      Your soul tells you to fuck off

10-  Your friends souls tell you to fuck off- there, instant healthy conflict resolution response and a sense of purpose that you don't fucking feel compelled to share with other losers

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The End

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