A Descent, From The Madness

Hey look, a sonnet, wanted to do one like this for a while.

There, an almighty thunder came down and
The mountains shook with towers of wind,
Spirals of tornadoes, and blades of sand.
A man of lightning had come to rescind
His creation in a fiery dusk
Of black ice and white skies, of here fear lies
Found his Wrath let on those of Sloth and Lust,
Gluttony and Pride and Greed - of such strength.

HE sees them and knows them all as HE finds
it all. You can try and hide - but HE knows you.
HE knows what you could be and what you are.
HE sees your Envy and gives endless Death;
War, Famine, and in deadly Conquest HE
then Boasts of Neglecting to give you help!

The End

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