A Demonic Serenade

More religious horror distilled into poetry!


If it decides you must be broken,

That's the way this life will go

To punish you for words unspoken,

All bad thoughts to it will flow

It sends the dogs on chases

Through worlds disfigured, stained

It wears wholesome, human faces

Who smile through their pain.

Like a fat persistent leech, suckling at all that's good

We'd destroy this world for you; don't you know we would?”

Kept in the dark and pampered

Its pets don't search for proof

But with evil they will tamper

Become lucid and uncouth

Vials filled with malice

Banners shouting petty scorn

People fit to host a palace

It decides we must be torn.

Like a clown who never smiles, strangled by what's real

We'd make the pain stop, but we love the way you feel!”

Bathing in our weakness

Drinking in our fear

Blinded by the bleakness

We struggle just to hear

The cries of angels searching

The all-consuming blaze

We see these demons lurching

Through tempting, toxic haze.

Like a restless, starving madman, wilting in his skin

We'd die a thousand times and take you with us, lovely sin.”

Erupting in phantasm

Burning in imagination

Our convenient little spasms

A scapegoat of retention

Its their fault, not mine at all

You have to trust my will

Have to let yourself just fall

So I can drink my fill”

Like a shadow in the basement, fleeing flashlight beams

Don't let me die, don't let me drown, or you'll never be redeemed!

We lie a lot, but for what cause?

Do you see where this has led?

All things wrong and all the laws

Mean nothing to the dead

Monstrous and crouching

Through every corridor

Happy, homegrown faces

Inside us there is war.

Like winged beauties falling in mid-flight, shrieking in delight

At our beck and call, evil cringes, sheaths its blight.

The End

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