A Demon Within

I sit alone with just the sound of my racing heart,
My mind twisting and morphing
Into a darkness I cannot began to understand
Insidious thoughts taint my brain
And though I try to fight
The war has been won,

My eyes turn dark
My skin goes cold
The sound of my heart pounding has vanished
This demon has awoken
You shut me out of your life
As if I was a disease,
Something to be ashamed of,

You hide me in the dark corner of your mind
When in reality you know I am the one who controls you
Madness in man among visions of denial
Crimson thoughts you kid yourself over
If you think I'm only make believe soon I will conquer,

My head spins as I argue with myself
I try so hard to leave this hell
My blood is boiling
My body is shaking
I'm loosing control of the demon within me
I cry for help but as hard as I try,
You can't get help from yourself and your dark side.
You look at yourself in the mirror and ask why
If I could I would choke you with your own hands,

I know if one day I decide to murder you in your sleep
I will decay and waste away along with you
I'll keep you alive for now and murder you ever so slowly
I want to feel you weaken down into a puddle of nothing
No longer will your image be seen in a mirror
You'll be left shattered inside of my darkness

© 2015 Alicia Wilson

The End

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