And on this night, the anger overtook usMature

No, fuck that, I'm not done with you yet.
Two fucking months?
Is that how long it's been?
Not even canceling the noise
along with a heavy mellow sunken tone
can seem to stop this fucking clanking.
No, back to the fucking topic.

Here we are, late august, early September,
hell I don't even know anymore...
Could be today, maybe it's tomorrow.
But here we are, right where we've been.
And where did we go wrong?
When did this world become so fucking mundane.
Since when do you have high blood pressure?
Since when do you have heart problems?
Trouble breathing?
You fucking serious?
You used to put in hours everyday pushing your body to the limits,
and now here we are a-measly-fucking-two years later
and suddenly you're a dying, lazy sack of shit.
And you were lazy before, but at least you still had a fire
to get you up off of your ass.
And now here we sit, 3 in the fucking morning
having the same conversation over again
as if you're a fucking child.
Talking to yourself.

The fuck am I doing here?
Now there's a fucking question, ain't it?

The End

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