A Declaration

This is an old poem of mine that I've decided to post here. I wrote it to address the spiritual complacency and fear of inner demons that seems to have gripped the Christian population as of late.

This is for all the Christians out there.

Listen up.

Up ‘til now, we as a whole have been living too softly.

That is the cold hard truth.

Often we refuse to stand and face the enemy and hide behind excuses.

Now we’ve been found guilty of desertion.

We’ve let our shortcomings run over us long enough.

It’s time to fight back.

It’s time for a declaration.


For too long we’ve let sin intoxicate us and then get hung over on our failures.

It’s time to sober up!

Christ’s sacrifice allows us to resist any temptation tossed at us.

Through his crucifixion we’re not bound to our addictions anymore.

We’ve come to make war with Satan and his bag of tricks.

We have artillery that can make the devil disappear.

The devil’s downfall will only come when we rise up to our true potential.

We must bring about a revolution and take the fight to him.

We must make a declaration.


If you still hesitate, this is no time to wait!

The odds are on our side so don’t waste this opportunity to take the offense.

This is our chance to make a comeback, to boldly go forth and fight our foe.

Through Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, we’ve been connected to the ultimate power.

We can win any battle with sin!

There is nothing on this earth that can stop our advance.

So let’s begin our counterattack and take back ground from the enemy.

Let’s show them that our God is the mightiest.

Let’s show them our declaration.

The End

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