A decision.

A poem I wrote about making a tough decision in my life, when I felt that it had already been pre-determined without me.

Aren't I supposed to be happy?

Isn’t this what I asked for?

Then why do I feel so empty?

Like a broken bottle on a cold shore.


I am the doll on the ventriloquists lap

The strings are pulled and the curtain rises

The people say cheer and I give a clap

They don’t see through my many disguises


Why am I so stuck?

Is there something wrong with me?

Am I all out of luck?

Is it too late to break free?


Oh, to live a fantasy life

Where I could control my destiny

To be away from all this strife

A conscious clear and shiny


Am I a Liar to continue?

Or a jerk if I leave?

God, I am asking you...

To whom do I cleave?


The End

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