A Dealer's Xmas CarolMature

This has been copied from no where and is all my own work. it's rather terrible and unless your on oxygen i doubt you could say it all and still be in the rythme without stooping out of tune.
This was made one day at a time in the lead up to christmas.

On the last day of xmas my dealer sold to me ...

Twenty-four drug mules

Twenty-three anti-dotes

Twenty-two night caps

Twenty-one mouse traps

Twenty Cock Rings

Nineteen pounds of lube

Eighteen cheese buds

Seventeen bricks of brown

Sixteen clipper lighters

Fifthteeeeen drink Roofiesss 

Fourteen sticks of glue

Thirteen Kegs of beer

Twelve Trippy shrooms

Eleven gin shots

Ten fat doobies

Nine dirty coppers

Eight cheap lawyers

Seven clean spoons

Six tabs of E

Fiveee hashhhh browniessss!

Four grams of coke

Three packs of fags

Two crack pipes

About an ounce of weed

The End

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