A Darwin Rainstorm

A poem about the most spectacular of natural wonders, a Darwin rainstorm.

Written in Ballad Metre, which employs an alternation of iambic tetrametre and iambic trimetre, but is a bit more loose than Common measure/metre in terms of where the ryhme appears. But if that's too hard to keep in mind while reading it, just remember the tune from the Gilligans Island tv show.

xkcd fans will know what I'm talking about.

One morning struck in gloom I sat
Looking upon the world
A great cloud perched above my home
Like wings, the wind unfurled

It blew and cawed and caused a stir
People ran to and fro
While a grey curtain did draw close
Yielding fast and low

With the wind and rain - howling loud
I sensed that unique rush
As if to mirror the sentiment
The dark sky flash'd to life

I flew at the hefty oak doors
Holding the brew at bay
Breathing deep - arms open wide
Feeling the tall trees sway

The water crashing down to earth
Amid the maelstrom
Drenching my face in true beauty
Each jewel - too short lived

I stamped and clapped and cheered aloud
Calling out for more
Catching each pool - with bare feet
The clouds they did oblige

My hand on heart I cannot think
Of any greater joy
Than sniffing the sweet smell that hung
About the air that day

Heart wrenchingly eventu'lly
The rainstorm did pass on
Leaving behind only mem'ries
And joyous small puddles

‘Twas the first storm of the season
Many sure to follow
But the first had set the bar so high
The joy had passed on.


The End

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