A Dark Purple Sky

Just a random poem : )

It's 4:00 and getting late, soon it'll be dark and I can't wait. For when the sky darkens and the stars beging to shout, that is when the beautiful moon comes out.

At 5:00 I'm beyond excited, for soon enough a colour will be sighted. This color is wonderful though dark and cold, and swiped all around it is glittery gold. 

Around 6:00 it's getting hard to take, hopefully soon my dreams will awake. If any clouds decide to cover the sky, I will go back inside and kiss outside goodbye. 

Now it's 7:00 and no longer can I bare, I run outside, moonlight shining in my hair. And there it is, this site I've longed to see. Immediate joy is filled within me. 

For all of you who haven't witnessed the Dark Purple sky, wherever you are, just wait till it's nigh. 


The End

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