My Beliefs

I’m a roman catholic.

Of course I am.

What else would you expect

From a pure, proper Irish girl?


The point I’m trying to make here

is that I don’t practise my religion.



Probably not if your from here.

Church attendance is at an all time low.


To answer your question,

Yes, I do believe in god.


But I don’t let my beliefs rule my life,

I don’t get up early of a Sunday morning

To listen to a boring man talk about Jesus.


Proper Christains look down on me.

But I don’t care.


Its my life. I can do what I want and believe what I want.

So please don’t try to force religion on me.

Don’t tell me that when I die I’m going to hell.


Is there even a hell?

I don’t believe in this place you talk about.


It doesn’t matter anyway.

Who cares where we go when we die?

Why even think about it. We’ll find out when the time comes.

The End

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