A Crying Shame, A Dying Shame

You beg of me, you plead mercy

But don't you see, in my eyes

I never belonged to you, you pitiful fool

So save your tears and hold your fear

The non-existent bond has broken

I've always ignored the words you've spoken

But only now it's come to your notice

That after years, this is the closest

We've ever stood.

Just close enough for me to hurt you more.

I'm not who you thought I was, nor who you implore

Me to become.

This is all you ever were to me, a snivelling coward

Who crawls at my feet, pulling me toward

An endless life of drudgery, so I'll end it now,

Don't say I have no compassion, this is my favour to you.

I'll save you from this life you lead as a mindless drone

As a withering seed

Oh yes, I'm sure they'll say it's a shame

A crying shame, a dying shame

But truthfully that's all you've ever been

So death will be no different.

The End

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