A Cry for Beauty's SakeMature

Through hell and back, and still I cry, "Life is beautiful!"

A Cry for Beauty's Sake

Five years old, a little girl
Smiles and looks out at the world
A butterfly kisses her wrist
And at her back is naught but wind

"Life is beautiful, ever beautiful"
These words on her heart remain
"Life is beautiful, oh so beautiful"
 A cry for beauty's sake

Years later, not so young
Her first sins on the cross are hung
A bee's sting kisses her wrist
Yet life is beautiful, despite all this

"Life is still beautiful, still beautiful,"
These words on her heart still remain
"Life is beautiful, still so beautiful"
A cry for beauty's sake

Twelve years, in adolescence
Knowledge gained in place of innocence
 A best friend's bracelet kisses her wrist
Though that "best friend" has left her since

"Life is confusing, so confusing"
These words on her heart take their place
"Life is confusing, can it be beautiful?"
A cry for beauty's sake

We find her huddled all alone
Knelt by a toilet, a royal throne
A razor's promise kisses her wrist
How have I been reduced to this?

"Life is survival, mere survival,"
These words on her heart leave their stain
"Life is survival - no hope for beautiful!"
A desperate cry for misunderstood beauty's sake!

 I have walked on many streets
Mud and filth have graced my feet
Chasing perfection, all in vain
Failing, and then failing again
Drowning in self-sufficiency
Blotting out my honesty
Always finding paths to take
To flee away from beauty's sake
Yet the stain of Someone Else's blood
Rivulets of emotions, like a flood
The nails that spitefully kissed His wrists
Placed there for all my sins
I am so bad that He had to die
So I could live in Paradise
All my every blame to take
A precious cry for beauty's sake!

"Life is beautiful, ever beautiful," 
Years later, these words will still remain
"Life is beautiful, oh so beautiful!"
A cry for beauty's sake! 

The End

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