A Cruel Desire

A Crazed Psycho bent on having his fill

In my clenched fist is paper crumbling,

This merciless grasp is constructed with robust ferrous,

It is fueled by life's frustration, add upon this my swelling thirst,

Sickening,  maddening, If too long repressed, 

Swelling turns to insufferable stabbing, and then,

I must give way.


Imagine yourself in the paper's place,

your bones crushed, your skin creasing,

Crumpling, Shriveling, into an amorphous carcass,

This fiend feels no remorse or need to succumb,

sorry you're out of luck,


In your destruction,

you will be wrenched tighter,

I will burden your body with my crippling Grip,

Maybe I'll trap you under heavy machinery,

Its torture is music to me, smashing bones in wicked splendor,

Rotating in this numbing Gadget's symphony,

The slow howls of deafening rust screeching,

It's the same sound quality through history,

Resembling the primordial shrieks of my favorite carnivore,

The tyrannosaurus, coincidentally our crafts resonate with lustful parallels,

Like minds persisting to satisfy hunger for

The carnal taste of blood.


I must squeeze tighter,

Fight coward, and overcome this Goliath's grasp,

Even David's sword can pierce clenched metal,

Yes, you are a pivotal tool I must usurp

In this unforgiving quest to fulfill my desire,

Soon I will transpose you........into an instrument of ridged courage,

You do not understand the sensation,

At last, an edge has been whetted worthy enough to sword,

And with a briskly swipe at the prick my clasp is forced relieved,


With this release, Paper tenderly falls, into the eerie hands of gravity,

With my release, this wound sparks fiery anticipation,

With my release, overwhelming adrenaline fuels,

The ingredients are present, the recipe is complete,

And this cold crusty armor has given passage to the ichor,

Finally, the time has come.


Now I can feel alive again,

Like burning lava it coats a rich lavish path,

Melting through the rupture with ruby red warmth,

I let it trickle down my metallic wrist,

At this sight, my eyes snicker,

This fiend has desired long enough

Taste coats my lips plump in lavender,

A sheepish grin escapes them,

Glowing satisfied,

With hints of blush


The End

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