A Crappy Poem

Definitely not my best, but I don't have the heart to throw it out, and thought that I might just be critiquing myself too hard

I never once thought about my life with you, because I'm trying too hard to imagine life without you. 


You see, when you came into my life, I instantly picked out where I wanted to take you on our first date. I picked out what I was gonna order. I picked out how I'd convince you to let me cover the tab. I even decided whether or not you'd judge me for getting lemon in my water; not because I like the taste, but because I read somewhere that it boosts your metabolism.

I miss a lot because I can't stop looking at you when you're around, and you seem to always be around.

Like a volcano, your big smile made my heart and brain erupt onto each other. I can't decide if I'm infatuated with how you fit in your jeans or how often you're the only one laughing at my mediocre jokes.

I'm subconsciously attempting to impress you. You used to be in the back of my head, but you worked your way to the front as if you were mining for gold.

I can't imagine sleeping in this bed without you, though I do it every night.

I can't imagine eating without holding your hand across the table, though I keep using both hands to eat.

I can't imagine laughing unless it was at one of your jokes, but the truth is, you don't tell me that many jokes.

What I'm trying to say is that I never got the chance to think about our future together, but for some reason, I would hate for it to end.

The End

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