A Comparison of the One I Love to The Forces of Nature

This took a very long time, but im pretty proud of it. its read with iambic pentameter, so don't try to read everything at once. try to catch what tone of voice I would use if I recited it.

The stage is set, the grass is palest green

The trees, they stretch their branches to the sky

The flowers sit scattered among the grass

And all is right in this, our valley green


The voles, they scamper furiously through

The grass, they search and find their little holes

But stop and watch the sun as it throws light

Upon the valley, basking in its warmth


And suddenly, like shutters on a lamp

The sky goes dark, the cloud of gray has come

To feed the flowers, grass and meadow voles

And give the trees a drink to quench their thirst


The shower leaves the valley feeling clean

And finally, disperses into naught

The melody of pitter patter dies

To silence in the absence of its cause


And in the break where once the cloud did stand

The sky is shown, and with it comes the sun

But now the sun decides she needs to leave

And spread light to the other side of Earth



So down she goes, still saying her goodbyes

And leaving us with only memories

To look back on as color fills the sky

The same deep red that I see in her hair


But I can only sit and watch her leave

And wish that I could somehow go with her

To spread light to the corners of the world

And never have to say the word goodbye

The End

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