Cupid's magic...Mature

I feel so softened, so insecure, so mild and mellow, And yet so fierce... as I am deeply drowned, In the wet shyness of my own love-piercing dreams, Of luscious-red virginine blossom, Metamorphosing into the paradise of motherhood... Bestowed upon me by Cupid's magic... !!! The dream-girl finally finds her dream-boy, and they both hold hands Gracefully marching to their dream-home... carved out from the flowers, and Branches, and leaves; erected on grass; with Only the shade of moonlight as the roof...Where under This paradise of motherly and fatherly hearts, Is a drop of heaven smiling in the bliss Of its newly born human face...The face of a fairy-tale on earth...!!! Dear Almighty, Do kindly bless us with your sword of courage and peace...For, we are forever the trusted guardians of your incarnated soul, in earth's virgin jewel... The talisman of man's spiritual destiny and soulful death...!!!
The End

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