The pain I nurture...Mature

My body dances in the tunes of its pain that rain down my eyes, kissing my neck, Leaving a trail of zig-zag, wavy, scared snake-skin tear breaking, the frozen blood-veins scripted on my face... I wince, twist, shatter... My soul feels the redness of my virginity's fragrance, and its silky milk of tempting, unripe love's seducing kiss... That could be perfected only by a man's sacred masculinity... In the lap of serene stars... Where he and I shall give birth to a night abashed, by our crescent moons uniting in the absolute wake, of an unending marriage of opposites God, wrapped us with...To bloom and find his shadow, In each other's blush-shaded faces, slowly melting in the sweetly burning fire of love's grip, as gentle as the flowers of earth's bosom Which clasp the shimmering dew close to their perfumed hearts...!!!
The End

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