Calm and Blue

The ocean blue is vast and deep.

And vaguely soporific.

And if I sleep, then I’ll sleep well,

Undisturbed by noises and such.


I’ll dream of the colour

That won’t go duller

If left for a thousand years.

If it faded, there would be tears

From me and all those who love the blue,

It, at times, having such a lovely hue.

And then I’ll think of the sky above,

With fluffy clouds all filled with love.

The sky of the colour that relaxes me

The sky in which I could fly free

With wings of my thought:

The wings that know not what is strife.


For these are the things that make me feel calm -

Like a gentle stroking on my soft, pink palm.

And when I wake up, I’ll be content.

And when I go to bed tonight,

I’ll be on an island where the sand is white.

(Yes, I’ll be stranded faraway,

But I’ll think of it as a holiday.)

The End

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