The sky, the sea,

the backcloth

to my dreams.

Expressive, flowing,

exploring thought

and feeling through its



There's calmness in its lighter shades;

it cools the heart,

refreshes like


Bat sadness has its place in those

closest to cerulean.

We think of tears,

do we not,

when we feel pale blue?


In sharpness, there is coldness.

The iciness prevents that flow

of self-expression,

when we picture blue-tinged snow.

But we like Blue's variety

- at least, artists do.

The deeper shades speak Mystery.

The cavern depths,

the oceans great:

they have a place in Fantasy.

When sapphire auras pervade

your mind, I dare to bet

you're feeling magic.

And I,

who lets Fantasy affect

my life,

adore the sight (and sound) of

mystic lapis lazuli.



Blue ink.

Though other colours of ink exist,

we usually write

in black or blue.

So blue shares the


of producing some great written pieces.


The dark colours,

like navy,

seem to me...

more secretive,

closer to the shadows.

They also represent


in suits and ties;

the Navy

adopts them as its colours.

Yet denim like s a dark hue,

so the Shades are casual too.


To summarise, blue is


of moods

and messages conveyed;

it hangs all around us

like ribbons in the air...

This poem was written in blue.

The End

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