Little Blue DiamondMature

The clock ticks and chimes;

it’s four o’clock.

Within 30 minutes exactly

she’ll be here

with a plate filled up

with leafy greens.

‘I’m no catapilar,’

always lies on my tongue

but it never escapes.

I love Annabelle,

Mrs. ‘Reliable’ hyphen Smith,

61 years this spring,

but I have to say;

my love shines differently.

She calls me the trickster,

and today I have a surprise,

a prank I know will turn her

afternoon from upright to

slanting sideways.

A slug of club soda and

a little diamond pill,

Sky blue, that will drive my libido.

I couldn’t give a damn

about the act of making…

Whatever it’s called in today’s’ terms.

But when she sees my pathetic stand,

she’ll have to make it up to me.

So with my plate of leafy greens,

I look to her, I smile, I say;

‘I’ll have a side of bacon please.’

The End

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