I’m a sinner, informs me I am sick,

a fucking freak.

That ‘shit on his dick’ faggot

that always sat in the back of class.

I didn’t even know

until 2nd year college,

how did they?

“It’s an unspeakable disease!”

Dad called out once at Sunday service,

and surely a woman is the cure.

But that’s not me.

I’m not a 2.5-with-a-backyard kind of guy,

I want to grow old in my apartment.

I’m not obsessed with pectorals,

Or floral arrangements.

I think Angelina Jolie is sexy —

but not in that kind of way.

I drink beer – Guinness,

And chardonnay with John.

He’s always running,

But that’s never been me.

I accept my fortune

like a bad pedicure.

I’m all types of strange,

All kinds of average,

Call me a queer –

It’ll be a compliment.

The End

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