Happy Birthday 14th Birthday Caroline

Sonnet 14

By: your older sis

You were born a little red thing, screaming, crying and thrashing

You grew, but not by much, and became a little girl

Still screaming and tempering off, we took to a lot of bashing

Sometimes, you made me mad, or want to hurl

I've loved you for all this time though, even when you made me mad

You grew older, and became easier to talk to, you became very interesting

I've always admired your artistic ways, your drawing, jewelry and the way you were clad

You are so creative and your mind sometimes seems to sing

Always you'll be my best friend, by my side until the end

Your precious to me, and you'll never depart from my heart

I really don't care how much money you spend (especially on me ;)

We're closer than we've been before, it's like we've been given a new start

I'll love you forever and ever, until my life ends and even then, I'll see ya later

Happy Birthday dear, each year you just get greater


The End

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