Why should I?Mature

Do you value me?
As much as I value you?

You you care that much?
About how much I love you?

Doesn't it hurt?
That you aren't even trying?

Doesn't it sting?
That you don't even care?

You obviously don't value
Our friendship like I do

You obviously don't care
About me

So if you don't bother, to start a conversation,
Why should I?

Why should I?

But I do,
because I love you,

Through it all, I've stuck by you.

Have you?
Have you stcuk by me?

It may be hard,
You say you need friends and hope they don't hate you
I won't.

At least not for that.

Although I might hate you,
If you don't do your duties as a friend.

As a friend you should care,
But you don't,
And so I shall hate you.

And if you don't start the conversation, take the time to wonder if I'm okay, even wait for me to pick up my lunch or ut down my bag,

Why should I?

The End

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