For CareyMature

I have finally got round to writing it. Hope it's acceptable, considering my meagre share of poetic talent!

I heard once, how you felt about me

And I felt such a great grin,

A smile so big that it sliced my ears from my head.


But unworthy.

I am not half the friend that some-such is,

Nor half the woman some-other is.

I am just me, and me is not good enough.


But it is good enough for you,

And good enough for Him,

And so it is good enough for me.


I can’t find the words to say what I want to say to you,

So I shan’t try.

I shan’t take on more than I can do,

For that would be foolish,

And though I am foolish,

I have no wish to advertise myself as such.


Feelings are sometimes as wordless as the joyous peace of a windy day on a cliff-top,

Alone, but one with the wind and the land and the sea,

And together with my companions –

You, and others –

My cousins!


So in my heart I erect a statue to our friendship –

Not a memorial, but a statue to the eternal loyalty of a friend.

And a statue to our cousinship,

A precious, precious bond.


We are united.

Though a hundred miles and an ocean separate us now,

We are joined by an unseen rainbow,

From my heart,

To your heart,

Tuning our soulstrings to the sweetest harmony.


Though I have never seen the roof over your head, the bed where you sleep, the mug from which you drink,

I know you are there, and you know I am here,

Just a tug of a string, and the harp plays, and the angels lift their voices in a round to our love.


A bond of infinity.

Neither of us is worthy,

Neither of us is perfect,

We are good enough.

And so that is good enough for me.

The End

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