Frozen OverMature

Gah! My first and final attempt at a love-poem. I think I should concentrate on my prose, to prevent further disgrace through my abysmal poetry.


You haunt the visions that I see,

Appear, a phantom of my wanderings,

Glide smoothly into my cavern of musings, unnoticed,

Till I sense your warmth - a hallucination -

And I banish you.


Your timid emotions

Sometimes I sense,

Reaching out through soundless words.

Then your dark mask falls back over your eyes,

And I know my lying ears have deceived me once again.


You skim over the waters of my heart,

But I have frozen them over,

And your intricate scheming

As you skate over

Does not confuse me, nor mark me.


You will never hold my soul, and squeeze it,

Granite barriers I have erected

To keep you and your elvenfolk away.

Never will I pine for you, hypocrite -

You have not the courage to face your truth.


And then I see your smile in the corners of my mind,

And I hear your voice through deaf ears,

And I know that my ice is melting already.

The End

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