And still I haven't seen youMature

It started with a smile,
Long ago,
Seven whole years in fact,
But still I haven't forgotten your smile.

I have forgotten everything else,
But not that smile, you shone at me,
So long ago, from the classroom floor.

From then, I loved you,
And you me,
And we were inseparable.

Then you left, but not because of me,
I knew that is was not that you did not love me,
But you had to go.

Since that last day, I have missed you,
I glipsed you, once,
In the square,
But you did not see me.

And since then,
I have not seen you,
I know where to find you,
But still I have not seen you.

I have not forgotten you,
I the hope that I may see you,
And with the hope you have not forgotten me.

And still I have not seen you.

The End

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