Missing You AgainMature

What am I to do with you?

Pacing about my mind,

Gingham and grace,

Caramel in that tone

Of how you won them over again.

Have you missed me?

Every hint of your soul,

A peek at your body language-

Affirmative, negative, a yes

And a no-

It tells a little tale,

Not the one that you say,

Leaving out what I want;

Both play their own way.

Echo of a drumbeat

That was your heart,

Before the divide so deep;

The calling back home,

And the empty shell of mine,

Warmed by lost words

And some found in the shame,

When we remember…

But in the distance,

Ever hint at my joy?

Have you seen my soul?

When you’re playing your game,

Leo leader on and on.

The End

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