For LillieMature

You, Lillie, are;
The best friend I have ever had,
The best person I have ever met,
The best cousin a girl could wish for,

I know I can always trust you to;
Tell me all the latest moans,
Tell me the weirdest most disturbing things,
Cheer me up when I’m down,
Play playmobil,
Laugh and say epic!

The things I love most about you are;
Your random smile,
Your ability to write better than Shakespeare,
Your imagination (Playmobil, Wii – Jimmy! Stories),
Your faithfulness,

Times you have made me happy are;
The invasion of the Trevors,
Whenever I can read what you write,
Our random holidays in various places,
When you forced me to watch Avatar (loved it),
Whenever I can get the chance to see you.

This is why you are my best friend. No matter how far apart.

Hope you smile when you read this!

The End

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